Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wigan Borough is one of the many areas around Lancashire in which Age UK offer their services. The Wigan Borough office wanted to raise the profile of their organisation to both the general public and also to other organisations who could benefit from their services.
Age UK offer a wide variety of services and support for the elderly both based in their own office and also by going out to people's homes. We filmed as many as was practical within the budget and these included showing how they help people with legal matters, benefit issues, health, financial and a wide range of problems that older people can face everyday - plus their very popular home handyman service.
We also filmed many of their activities like the swimming club, old time dancing, bowls, the handycraft circle and the wonderful ladies of the Silver Choir.
The video was greeted with delight by John their Chief Officer and Sarah the Strategy Manager who commissioned the video and help organise the filming. Another satisfied customer to add to our 100% satisfied customer list!


Rafael Gomez is a young Spanish forward currently training at
The Manchester International al Football Academy based in Salford near Manchester.

In order to increase his chances of being spotted, he decided to have a promotional video made by filming him playing in two matches which were held at the MIFA training ground in Manchester and then selecting the best bits of his performance from both.

Just another example of the diverse use of video.


'TWO APIECE' is a Lancashire based instrumental duo playing an eclectic mix of music including Pop, Classical and Jazz.

Guitarist Alan Gregson is a musician, producer, arranger and composer who has arranged music for many of the country’s leading orchestras and composed for film, TV and radio.
Fiddle player Richard Curran is a multi-instrumentalist with extensive live, studio, film and TV experience which includes sessions with Albert Lee and Bert Jansch as well as being a one man string orchestra playing violin, viola and cello. Both Alan and Richard have toured extensively in the UK, France, Eire, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the US. They wanted a promotional video producing and so commissioned VISION4VIDEO. They performed three tracks including an extraordinary version of Freddy Mercury's Bohemian Rhapsody and we filmed it all with 4 camera's - check out the result here...

Monday, 12 August 2013


In October 2011, Bishop Doye Agama from the Way of Life Churches in Manchester chose VISION4VIDEO to produced a video of a service of Ordination which was being held in Manchester Cathedral.

Bishop Agama ( is a well known and well respected character throughout churches of many denominations across the UK and in is recognised as a teacher of Bible doctrine. This was the first of many videos we have produced for the Bishop both in Manchester and London including a series of Bible Study Lectures that were broadcast on Revelation TV this year and are available as both DVD's and audio CD's.
We have also produce a short TV advert which you can see here.

Campden BRI are the acknowledged leaders in food hygiene services and they recently commissioned us to produce a training video on behalf of the government’s Food Standards Agency.

The job was to produce three case studies showing the kind of problems found in some eating establishments which would be used to support the training of their officers who inspect kitchens and food service areas across the UK.
Filmed around Manchester, we covered a variety of unacceptable hygiene problems found in some cafes and kitchens (which had been especially set up for the filming)

This was not the most pleasant video we have produced and it does makes you think twice about where you buy your fast food! You can see the video here

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


MIFA - The MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY was set up in 2012 by MD Ross Johnson. The idea is to attract potential professional players from the UK, Europe and worldwide and provide them with the highest standard of training whist being based in the Manchester in the Northwest of England - home to some of the finest football clubs in the UK.

VIISON4VIDEO was employed to create a promotional video that told the story and demonstrated the high quality facilities that are available at the Salford Sports Village. Check out the video here


86% of the UK internet population visit a video site at least once a month. In 2011 there were 785 million visits to video sites from the UK, while the average internet user makes 18 visits to video websites a month, according to an Experian Hitwise white paper “Online video: bringing social media to life”. And just last year, UK internet users spent 240 million hours every month watching online video content. (Experian Hitwise)

Friday, 1 March 2013


This is a video we did a couple of years ago to support the MS Support Society near Chester. This is an annual event were several teams of volunteers each carry a member of the society in specially adapted wheelchairs and race over a six mile cross country course through deep forest, up hills, across streams and through lots and lots of mud!

It is a demanding challenge for both the teams and the MS sufferer they are carrying ( to say nothing of the cameraman!) but they all seem to love it and come back each year to do it again raising lots of money for the society. 

Well done you lot!

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Along with many other towns across the UK Chorley put in a bid to get investment from the government and the expertise of the Queen of Retail Mary Portas in order to improve and regenerate the town centre.
   View down Chorley High Street

Whilst Chorley is actually quite a thriving town, there are still many empty and boarded up shops which with investment could vastly improve the look of the town and the high street and provide welcome additional services for the community.

    One of the many thriving fruit & veg stalls on Chorley Market

We were asked to produce a video which must not to look to 'professional' (rather difficult for us....!!!) but one which showed not only the empty shops and deprived areas that need investment but also got comments and suggestions from people on the street as to what they would like to see in the town. They also wanted to demonstrate the spirit and successes of the town as there are actually lots of new shops and of course the ever thriving market 

Sadly they were not successful in attracting the investment but the video was well received by the bid team.


Kartforce is a charity run by Dave Player who is dedicated to helping injured service men and women. He has designed a unit that allows Karts to be controlled by just one hand which means that soldiers who have lost arms and legs can enjoy the thrill of racing karts.
It's a great fun sport and allows amputees the opportunity to race against each other as well as able bodied drivers.

We were asked if we would donate a video to help promote the cause and so we filmed Corporal Andy Reid at Daytone in Manchester who was using the special controls developed by Kartforce. Andy lost his right arm and both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan and has amazed his doctors, family and friends with accomplishments that no one would have thought possible.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Mellors Catering Services is the first choice contract caterer in the north for catering in the business, industry and education sectors.

Here at VISIONFOURVIDEO we were pleased when we were asked to produce their promotional video on behalf of ABC Video Facilities and their client Heckfords Advertising in Preston (the largest all service advertising agency in Lancashire).

Whilst it was great to be around so much food for two days, filming in a live catering environment was quite demanding. Health and safety was a major issue as you can't have lights, microphones and cables hanging around in a professional kitchen. However we worked closely with the staff and all the filming was completed without incident.

So whilst we may have put on a few pounds over the two days - we ended up with another very satisfied client - or in this case - clients.

This was another small but excellent company in Lancashire wanting to get the benefits of a website video. The message was clear and simple, 'Stunning Kitchens at an Affordable Price'.

We decided that the best way to get over this message was to film lots of their kitchen installations into show just how great they look, and to have several testimonials to support the claim that all Deluxe Kitchens are excellent quality and that the service provided is excellent.

Well designed kitchens are very aesthetically pleasing and it was a pleasure to film them all (despite the occasional tight spaces!)

Glad to say that just like the last one, this visit was to make a promotional video for them and not to have any fillings!

Austin Hughes at Camden Place Dental Practice is very experienced dentist and specialises in
implant surgery. However we decided it would not be a good idea to show any actual dentistry and whilst we were able to set up some scenes to give the impression, the video concentrated on the extensive qualifications of the dentists,  the benefits the surgery offers and on personal testimonials.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

In January 2012 we started working for SYMCO TRAINING who are a specialist training company to the motor trade and a company who really believe in the power of video as a training medium. They needed to produce a training video for MAZDA EUROPE which consisted of a shoot on green screen and a training session involving the use of a new car in a MAZDA showroom in Manchester

The English version of the DVD was well received my MAZDA and the then wanted it translating into sixteen languages including rather obscure one like Croatian and Russian! Employing the services of a specialist translation company, we had to supply both DVd's and also files for the central management training system in Germany

This was a huge undertaking for a small company like VISIONFOURVIDEO but it was completed on time, within budget and MAZDA were delighted with the finished result. So our work is now being used in sixteen countries - does that make us an International company!!


Yet another new area for us was that of the world of swallowing! Roger Newman is a speech and language specialist and an honorary lecturer at Salford University. Having co-written a medical textbook on the subject of swallowing problems for Plural Publishing in America, it needed to be accompanied by a DVD demonstrating the various conditions by means of videofluoroscopy.

Videofluoroscopy is defined as the dynamic, fluoroscopic imaging procedure - which put more simply means a video Xray! 

Our job was to collate a series of Xray videos, improve the image quality and presentation aspects, commission a specialist voice over artist to record the narration and sync everything up to create a high quality training product for use by medical students in America and Europe. Once again we had a very satisfied client.

The eighties pop sensation Paul Young is currently promoting products for a specialist online Home Furnishings Company called BATH BED & HOME

Paul has just re-released his multi-selling 1983 debut album No Parlez, which produced hit singles such as Love of the Common People, Come Back And Stay and, of course Wherever I Lay My Hat.

Paul and me having a chat about the shoot
Producing a series of promotional product videos at showrooms in Manchester, we found Paul to be a great guy to work with, very professional and of course his great singing voice was a great voice for camera presentation too.
A few last minute adjustments to the lighting...
We produced a series of eight videos all of which were very well received by the client and we hope to be doing more work with Paul later in the year. BATH BED AND HOME - just another very satisfied customer.


Product videos are a great way to improve conversion rates online as they reassure the customer by helping them make an informed purchase decision. One of the main problem with ecommerce is that you can’t hold the product in your hands before you buy it, which is why offering free returns is such a great selling point. But video is also a great way to limit the impact of returns, as it gives customers a full view 360 degree of the product.