Monday, 12 August 2013


In October 2011, Bishop Doye Agama from the Way of Life Churches in Manchester chose VISION4VIDEO to produced a video of a service of Ordination which was being held in Manchester Cathedral.

Bishop Agama ( is a well known and well respected character throughout churches of many denominations across the UK and in is recognised as a teacher of Bible doctrine. This was the first of many videos we have produced for the Bishop both in Manchester and London including a series of Bible Study Lectures that were broadcast on Revelation TV this year and are available as both DVD's and audio CD's.
We have also produce a short TV advert which you can see here.

Campden BRI are the acknowledged leaders in food hygiene services and they recently commissioned us to produce a training video on behalf of the government’s Food Standards Agency.

The job was to produce three case studies showing the kind of problems found in some eating establishments which would be used to support the training of their officers who inspect kitchens and food service areas across the UK.
Filmed around Manchester, we covered a variety of unacceptable hygiene problems found in some cafes and kitchens (which had been especially set up for the filming)

This was not the most pleasant video we have produced and it does makes you think twice about where you buy your fast food! You can see the video here