Friday, 31 January 2014


This week I've been working as a lighting camerman for Lancashire based film maker Mark C Minard. Mark is producing a video about some of the leading pharmacists who have come together to provide an enhanced service for people who are on long term medication.

This week he was interviewing both the pharmacists who deliver the service and some of the patients who are getting the benefit. Filming was a bit tricky at times because the venues were open to the public and also we had to work in very small consultation rooms. But everything came together and both Mark and his clients were pleased with the results of the filming.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Video More Effective Against Potential Breast Cancer Risks

Newswise — Washington, DC – A new study finds that video clips embedded on websites with public health messages do a better job than text alone at drawing attention to hazards, and in prompting the public to take recommended protective actions. Are Videos Worth It?” was published online today in the National Communication Association's Journal of Applied Communication Research.
The study shows the importance of translating complex scientific information, like recent findings in breast cancer risk research, into information that the average person can understand, and hopefully act upon. This study used the medium of videos as a way to further translate breast cancer risk information beyond simply relying on distilling information through traditional textual means.
“Videos add an element of realness and richness to complicated topics,” says the study's lead author, Evan K. Perrault, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University in East Lansing. “Videos can show people how to take action, instead of just text that can only tell them how.”
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